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Gainesville RedHawks Lacrosse

Experienced and New Players Welcome!
Registration is Closed
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Under 7 -
DOB:  On or after 9/1/08

Under 9 -
DOB  9/1/05 to 12/31/08

Under 11 -
DOB 9/1/03 to 8/31/05

Under 13 -
DOB 9/1/01 to 8/31/03

Under 15 -
DOB 9/1/99 to 8/31/01


What is Gainesville RedHawks Lacrosse?

Gainesville RedHawks Lacrosse is recreational based lacrosse (teams) that serve Gainesville and surrounding areas.  This is NOT select based lacrosse and any male - fitting the age guidelines regardless of ability level - is eligible to play.  

What if my son has never played lacrosse before?

Great!  He is welcome to join.  


What are the age groupings?



What will I need at the time I register?

1. You will need a copy of your son's birth certificate that you can upload as proof of  his age.  You cannot register without this.

2. The system will walk you through obtaining your son's USLacrosse number.  This number ($25) provides him with insurance and allows him to practice and compete on the team.  You cannot register without this.

3. You will need a credit card or e-check to place a hold on your spot.  You cannot register without this.


I've heard there is some travel required?

Yes, you must travel to play because there are no other teams within a 1 hour drive of Gainesville.  The traveling is very simple and every event is a 1 day event...there is NO over night stay requirement.  

We expect to play about 10-15 game between January- April. These games will all take place as part of lacrosse "Jamborees”. These "Lacrosse Jamborees" are a gathering of teams from all over the state (at a specific location) to provide opportunities for teams to play multiple games; thus, reducing the amount of travel. These Jamborees are Saturday OR Sunday events in which our teams will play 2-3 games in one day. We expect to attend about "3 to 5" Jamborees in 4 months.  Out of the 16 possible weekends mid January to the end of April, we expect to travel in about "4". While we understand that traveling is always an inconvenience on parents/coaches, this requirement is necessary in order to provide our players with the best possible competitive experience. These Jamborees will take place in Wesley Chapel, Jacksonville, the Tampa area and here in Gainesville.


Do we have to travel to Jamborees to play with the RedHawks?

Unlike other sports you may get involved in, we want this to be a great experience for our families and our players.  Our players, coaches and families depend on your son showing up to events in order to field a team.  So the simple answer is, yes, you must travel.  In some cases we may have a spot for a practice only player but that is based upon the head coach's decision on whether are not a player should or should not travel.  

How long is the season and how many practices are there?

The RedHawks  U9/U11 seasons will go from January to April 2015.  If we field U7/U13 teams they will go from March to April.  There will be about 25-30 practices over a 4 month period.  All of our practices will take place at Oak Hall School.  The U3/15 seasons will go from March until the first Saturday in May.  There will be about 14 practices over a 2 month period. 


What is the cost to play?

For U9/U11/U13/U15 the total fee is $295.  All of our funding is derived directly from our player fees.  This covers uniforms, balls, paint, website, insurance, polos, ref fees and any and all additional expenses.  U7 will cost about $150 and no price has been set for U13.  

Payment Plan:  A $150 will hold your spot and you will owe another $145 by January 15th.   We accept Visa, MC and E-Check.  If you need a different payment plan, please let us know and we are happy to arrange it.


What equipment is required to play?

On the left hand side of our page is a list of things that are required to play the game of lacrosse.  At the U7, U9 and U11 age groups there is VERY limited body contact.  Your primary goal is to play the ball on the ground not the man.  However, lacrosse is a contact sport.  


Practice and Jamboree Schedules?

Please note:  We expect to ADD a home tournament in March 2015.  The date has yet to be set; therefore, it is NOT showing on the schedule.

You can always find the schedules by going to:  2015 TEAMS >  Choose a Team > Pick Your Team > Schedule

Here are the links as wells:

U9 - Click Here

U11 - Click Here

U13 - Not issued yet

U15 -  Not issued yet